AV Series

ACUMAX® SERIA AV: the AGM battery series with the design life span from 6 to 9 years and designed specifically for UPS systems. The batteries boast a much lower internal resistance per size, which results in higher capacity and excellent discharge characteristics at high current and constant power.
The ACUMAX® AV Series is also an excellent choice for telephone exchange systems, cash registers and POS printers, emergency lighting, alarm and fire systems, photovoltaic systems, metering/measuring equipment, mobile devices, electric bicycles or lawn mowers, medical and laboratory devices and equipment, as well as parking meters, fire places, vending machines, toys and portable lamps.

Model Voltage [V] Capacity [Ah] C20 Height [mm] Length [mm] Width [mm] Weight [kg] Catalog card
AV 9 - 12
12 8,5 94+5151 652,75 AV9_12.pdf
AV 15 - 12
12 14 95+6151 984,20 AV15_12.pdf
AV 22 - 12
12 20 168182 765,70 AV22_12.pdf


  • Server rooms
  • GSM base stations
  • Alarm systems
  • RES (Renewable Energy Source) systems