VRLA batteries

The VRLA (valve regulated lead acid) batteries are sealed maintenance-free units complete with valves for automatic gas relief during recharging. The sealed housing design assures safe operation and reduces the risk of sulphuric acid burns.

The gas recombination process eliminates the need for refilling with the acid, which in turn minimises the periodic inspection frequency.

The VRLA batteries are available in two technologies: AGM – with the electrolyte absorbed in glass fibre separators; and  gel, with the electrolyte in the form of gel. The design life span in buffer duty ranges from several to ten-odd years of cyclic duty; the batteries also boast low internal resistance and high performance ratings.
VRLA batteries find a popular use in emergency (backup) power systems, alarm and fire protection systems, telecommunication power supply systems and exchanges, medical equipment, including power wheelchairs, mobile devices, as well as all types of systems powered from renewable energy sources, or even boats and yachts.

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  • Server rooms
  • GSM base stations
  • Alarm systems
  • RES (Renewable Energy Source) systems